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Wildflowers in Mesquite, TX
Wildflowers in Mesquite, TX
Wildflowers in Mesquite, TX
Wildflowers in Mesquite, TX

New Homes for Sale in Mesquite, Texas near Dallas

Down-to-earth living

Experience Texas charm and life’s simple pleasures just 25 minutes from downtown Dallas. Mesquite is an attractive place to live, work, and thrive, offering the best of both urban and natural environments. Residents benefit from its great location, robust transportation infrastructure, access to diverse industries, educational and healthcare opportunities, recreational amenities, and strong community connections.

Mesquite By The Numbers

70+ parks & sports facilities

17+ public trails

25 minutes to downtown Dallas

3M SQFT of retail, farmers markets, boutiques & antique store

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Group of friends on a hike

Living in Mesquite, TX

Explore a city that seamlessly blends culture with nature. Revel in the abundance of green space with 70+ parks and sports facilities, including 17+ public trails, offering a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Conveniently located a mere 25-minute drive to downtown Dallas. Relax and unwind with a day of retail therapy from farmers markets, boutiques, and antique stores. Engage with the local art scene featuring downtown art features, and become part of the community spirit with municipal events, including rodeos, festivals, and parades.

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Map of Talia in Mesquite Texas