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Sustainable Living at Talia in Mesquite, TX

Good-natured living

Dreaming of a life lived more gently, surrounded by nature and embraced by a thriving community?

At Talia, we are creating a place for your dreams to unfold – where every detail is designed to enhance your connection with nature and foster a sense of belonging.

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we are creating in Talia. We want Talia to be a place where families can thrive harmoniously with nature and are combining those two mandates wherever we can. Our commitment to quality development means that our community will last for generations to come.

Young adult laying on a bed of wildflowers

How we do land stewardship

As we develop a community plan, while keeping our eye on the needs of the community, we also pay particular attention to sustainability and environmental issues. Here are some ways we are developing a sustainable community:

  • Native planting & turf management
  • Solar-powered community lighting
  • Wildlife habitats enhancements
  • Transportation efficiency
  • Playgrounds with environmental education features
  • Workshops for residents about sustainable practices

Partnering for increased sustainability

Talia is partnering with Mesquite city officials to collaborate with Keep Mesquite Beautiful and support its mission of educating the community on the importance of recycling, reducing litter and more.

Our development team is looking at opportunities to collaborate with local state and federal entities on sustainability concepts.

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